So with all this oil spill in the Gulf, it makes me think about all we have done as humans. We have robots on Mars and we have put men on the moon, and we have built huge buildings and have a space station orbitting above us, but for some reason we can’t fix an oil spill in the Gulf? How does that work? This whole thing is BP’s fault and I am glad they are going to have to pay 20 billion to get all this fixed. It’s all thier fault and they know it. Shame on them! I heard they cut corners to produce more oil at a faster rate… and I think that’s what caused the explosion and I think thats why theres so much oil being spilled into the Gulf right now. I used to like thier company, but not so much anymore after this whole incident. What scares me the most is what if it gets into the big currents of the ocean? We need to stop this whole thing, and we can we just need to think about it. If we can put a man on the moon and things like that, why cant we stop oil from spewing from the bottom of the ocean?


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