Egyptian Revolution…

So with everything going on in Egypt it makes me think… do we really have it that bad? I mean these people have been living under the same “President” for about 30 years now, and can you imagine all the power that President Mubarak has had being in office for 3 decades. It’s not right, and maybe I’m just being naive, but I think everyone on earth should have the right to have who they see fit in office, so if thats Mubarak or someone else it doesn’t matter. What really surprises me is, that we the United States have been allies with Egypt when they were really just run by a dictator not wanting to give up his power. At least here in the United States we have the option to choose who we want to lead us, even if only after a year and a half we start to hate the guy which I find kind of humorous because you should pick somebody in American politics and stand behind them when they are campaigning and, if your lucky enough, when they become president. We should not be supporting a dictator and giving him I think its like 1.5 billion dollars in aide a year. We are Americans, we are the symbol of freedom and hope in the world, and by standing behind basically a dictator, what sign does that show the rest of the world? Think about it


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