Family ties

You Know I’ve been doing some research about my family, you know geneaology stuff. I find it pretty interesting to see who I was in the past and what events in history I’m related to. I actually found out that I’m distantly related to a sheriff of old Willamson County (where I live). I had no clue, but I guess that’s expected since I didn’t know any information about my grandmothers side of the family. Also on her side I have family who fought in the Revolutionary war and in the Civil War, and WWI and WWII.

I also found out that through my grandfathers side I’m related to Elvis, Audery Hepborn (Which is strange to me cause I’m also related to her through my mothers side). Im also related Orevlle Wright through my grandfather, and supposedly Joan of Arc which I’m not really sure I believe. Laura Bush is another and the outlaw (Who actually died not far from where I live) Sam Bass and that’s just a few I actually have many others. I have traced a part of my family all the way back to about 990… yes 990… I’m not sure I believe that either cause it’s just so long ago. My grandmothers side of the family came from Scotland (she actually thought English) and she was suprised to learn that. Because I am finding out so much information about the Brittian side of the family I’m really thinking about adding Brittian to my name so it would be John Nelson Brittian Geiger…. I dont know though it would be such a long name but then it would show all that history I found out. I actually have about 1000 people on the family tree I have made, probably less though cause I think there are doubles but that’s easy to fix. Wish me luck everyone, I’m going to do more research.

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  1. *UPDATE* Recently, I also found out my 7th great grandfather (that’s my great great great great great great great grandfather) had land that George Washington stayed on during the French Indian War. Also, my family tree has grown to more than 3,400 people.

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