I stand behind Fox News

If you haven’t been able to tell from my previous blogs on here, I like to be very active politicly and if I had to choose a political party that I belong to, It would be the Libertarian party. The Libertarian political party is in some way like the Republican party, in that they stand for minimum government interaction. They also believe in the Capitalist idea, and the right to work and climb up the career latter. Anyway, being a Libertarian (I’m kinda in-between a Libertarian and a Republican) I like watching Fox News to get my information. I’m not sure when this was but I know it happened, President Obama called Fox News “a fake New Organization.” Wasn’t one of Obama’s campaign platform to “stop the bi-partisan politics?” What does this say about President Obama? Personally, I think Obama needs to keep his mouth shut about things like that, it is NOT ok to say things like that when you are the president of the United States. I hope Washington’s ghost comes back and has a stern talk with him lol. It’s not just President Obama, but really the whole left side of the aisle.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, and others all bad mouth the right, some stereotyping every one on the right, making us look unintelligent and lazy. In reality, that’s not the truth. People on the right works as hard or harder than the left, and are smart people. For example, President Bush (jr) was always made fun of because of his intellect and how he said things. Remember, this man came from west Texas, in a pretty small town so I’m sure he couldn’t speak as well as people who lived in the DC area growing up and are currently politicians. President Bush went to Harvard, and even though he didn’t do his best while in Harvard it’s still something really big to say that you got into Harvard especially from a west Texas town as small as he grew up in. In all my life, I have never ever seen Fox News say something on air they didn’t believe to be true, and when they do this and honestly tilt towards Republican ideas which is Ok as long as they get the needed information across. In fact, Fox New’s most of the time stands up for President Obama, which shows how honest and how fair they really do try to be. For example, once I say a news piece on how President Obama had gotten a letter from a lady down on her luck. She had no job and was having trouble. President Obama, being president of the United States and being incredibly busy sat down at his desk and wrote her a hand written note, and sent that off to her. Fox reported this story…. Not CNN or MSNBC. Fox. It’s called standing behind your leader people, the president you elected. Have some respect and grow up.


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