So kinda a dumb post but….whatever

I’m sitting here on the couch just thinking about everything, the world and all the problems in it and it just brings me to another thought, and a deep one at that. Go ahead and laugh at me, but why are we here? What purpose do we humans serve? Do we even have a purpose, or are we just some giant experiment? Is the meaning of life really 42? (if you get that high five!)

Me personally I think we do have a purpose and a pretty good one at that. I feel it is our duty as the most intelligent creatures on the planet to protect the other creatures who can’t protect themselves…for example…lets say a dolphin is sick and dying I believe that we were put here on this earth for that purpose that one reason to stop all the evil in the world in other wise, help the dolphin. Maybe I’m just being neive, but that’s my belief. Don’t like it? Deal with it.


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