Kinda nervous.

I have decided to try out for that new Fox show called The X Factor. I have to be honest, I’m kinda nervous. It’s the first time I have tried out for something like this. It’s in May, on the 25th and the 26th. I know it’s more than a month but I feel like I should have a song ready and I can’t decide what song I should do. It’s like the song is one of the most important things I can choose! I have put it to a vote but now that I think about it I don’t really like any of the choices I have picked, I could choose something else but like I said I don’t know what to pick. Simon Cowell is on this show and I’m scared he’ll rip me to pieces when I open my mouth… I’m gonna do it still though because when I’m older I want to know I tried. What do you think I should do? I noticed when watching American Idol the other day some of the contests at least the ones I heard aren’t that good. I mean, I sound better than some of them to be honest and I’m saying that cause I have heard myself and I do compare. I really hope I don’t sound conceited because I’m not and if I was I wouldn’t be talking about how nervous I am to sing. *looks around nervously* Wish me luck everyone!

**UPDATE: June 27,2011: I didn’t get to Dallas to try out. I maybe auditioning for American Idol in August.**


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