My Presidential acceptance speech :)


It is my general belief as is most other intellectuals, that history is a cycle. The wheels on your car or truck turn around touching the ground and keeping you on a straight path, hopefully unwavering, till you reach your final destination. But, where is our destination? Is it a future full of hope and prosperity, or is it one of harder, more trying times? This is a question you the American people have asked me, by electing me to become your president and I feel in my heart that this decision is up to us.

We have all heard of the greatest generation, this era of time of course being around World War 2, but I believe that every generation, our parents, ours, and our children’s are all the greatest generation, and the reason I believe this so deeply is we the American people have been through some hard times, and yes one was the great depression and the wars that followed, but another, was the invention of computers, and man walking on the moon.

We the people of the United States have been through so much, 2 world wars, several wars in-between, and a devastating terror attack in the late summer of 2001. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to stand up and abolish the political bands that connect them, if not to a country, then to their party affiliation. Why would you break from your political party and others who think and believe what you do? The answer is simple; for the good of our republic, and for the good of our children and their children.

In short, as I stand before you your new president, I am honored that I have been chosen to lead this great country of ours. Let’s stand up, roll up our sleeves and get to back to work and make this country a place our founding fathers would be proud of. Thank you, may god bless you all, and may god continue to bless America.



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