9/11 conspirators justice

So I was just watching the news and the US attorney general came on and was talking about how we are going to put the 9/11 conspirators to justice, you know the ones in whatever the name of that place is in Cuba. I think that’s it’s good we are putting these people to justice so all the pain and suffering we felt that September day can be healed a little. It’s been almost ten years and we still have no justice for the thousands of victims in NYC, the Pentagon and flight 93 which went down in an PN field. In my heart I believe that the men and women on flight 93 saved our capital building and maybe several hundred if not thousands, lives.
If we want justice for these people, I believe there is only one judge they need to see, and when he gives his verdict I know they will go straight down into the firey pits of hell. That’s the punishment they deserve


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