What is love?

You see it everywhere… in the mall, when you go out to eat, and even in school. Love  is everywhere no matter where you go. But, if you stop and think about it, what is love? Is it just that frog in your throat and butterflies in your stomach, or  is it  being physically attracted to someone or something more? For me, true love means wanting to be with that person till the very end, and cherishing every word they say. It’s a deep feeling of caring for their wellbeing and ultimate happiness. In this modern day world of cell phones, iPods and computers love is kinda of…. how do I put this… faked and used a lot. Yes, saying “I love you” over the phone or over a video call with someone is great but just think about it…how much more does it really mean if you are with that person, you wrap them in your arms and whisper “I love you, darling” in their ear?

I have to admit and I really don’t think most guys would admit this on the internet but I am a very sensitive and loving guy and to be completely honest, I love being in love. I have had people say to me that I fall in love to easily and that maybe true but I think that’s just cause I see the good in people, like how kind, sweet and smart they are. One thing that really upsets me is how shallow some people are. It’s just…not right. Look into the person heart instead of what you see on the outside. Yes, how someone looks on the outside is important, but how they love, their thoughts and ideas are even more important because you know that stuff defines them as a person.

With me, to be honest I fall the quiet and sweet girls the most. The ones who are open to their emotions and who aren’t so conceited with how they and everybody else around them looks. When I was in high school I never dated anyone, they were all to shallow or just to much in their own little world. In all my four years of high school, truthfully, there was only one girl that I liked and wanted to be with. She was a year older than me, went to my church, was involved in helping kids with special needs and was the sweetest, smartest girl I have ever met. I used to sit with her at lunch everyday and if she ever needed anything I would almost never say no to her. As goofy as this sounds she probably changed my life, and I really cared about her. Since she was a year older than me, my junior year was her senior year and so she wasn’t there my senior year of high school.

Anyway, if you feel you are in love, this is what I’m saying…look into your heart and think about it. Do you care for the person? Would you be there for him or her if they needed you, and what can you do for them to show them how you feel? Don’t step over the line, buying lunches for girls is a nice idea guys, or taking them out for something they like to do. Never let a fear of the unknown hold you back from something you feel so deeply towards.


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