A good education is important as it dictates what your choices are in the future.

I believe as I’m sure most American’s do, that our public school system is failing on our children. According to Askville (a paid answering service that’s put on by the United States rank 18th among 36 industrialized nations. “The top of the heap is South Korea, where 93% of high school students graduate on time compared to the United States were 75% receive their diploma.” It makes a good point, and I believe the only way to boost the number of high school students who receive their diploma is to change several things. One is, I believe education should not be run by the government. I think the very best way to provide education is have it be part of our capitalist economic system. Then there would be competition among schools and I believe that would boost our education system to where we could be right up along side, or maybe even ahead of South Korea.


My idea goes along with this concept. I want to build a hands on, technology driven, really do everything for success type of school. I love history, and one day I hope to be a history teacher, but I don’t like the thought of teaching in a public school, mainly because I believe we could be doing better as a society. Below is a small outline of how it would work; starting with my favorite…history.


History (US, State, and World)- To teach someone history, you can’t toss them a book and have able to understand it and I mean really grip the concept in one week. I believe that this area of learning could be made so much more fun and really be able to raise grades and basic understanding of why we do the things we do…but we need to change how we look at and how we teach history. First things first, yes books will be needed but instead of a old paper book, why not use something like a iPad that can bring the story to life more…with color illustrations, videos, and a built in vocabulary quizzes, etc. Also I think that every 2 months the classes should go somewhere…mostly by a nice bus with A/C and chairs that go back for napping. I also think this bus should be separated into two parts, one side for girls and one side for boys…it would really cut on distractions.

Places they could go visit include, Washington DC, San Antonio (the Alamo), Gettysburg  and more. Reenactments of battles would be terrific…and maybe even have them live in town that is in the period of time they are learning about…with actors and actresses, just for several days. Anniversaries of significant events could be automatically sent to their cell phone by text… With what happened on the day, who was involved and what year and where it took place.


English- Have “average days” where the teacher would pass out a book, and would have you read it in class and for homework for about 2 weeks depending on the size of the book. Then, at the end of the two weeks before class came back the room would be decorated top to bottom with places described in the book… big LCD screens could add movement… nothing big and nothing distracting… but just enough to be noticed. Maybe like leaves blowing in the wind… or a sunset through the trees. When you enter the room, there would be teachers (really actors prepared by the teachers) that would act as the characters… this atmosphere would go on for about a month or two then a test would be given. There would be an iPad option for books, but paper would be strongly encouraged.


Math- I’ve always had a hard time with math it was my worst subject in school. Sometimes the concept is just hard to grasp so I think the best way to get around this and help build a better understanding is through technology, which is an aspect through the school but even more so in the math department. When you walk into the math classroom…it would look normal with small separate desks…but when you sit down a cushion in the seat detects your weight and a screen appears on the surface of the desk. It would a be a touch screen that would be written on with a stylus and the information from the screen could be viewed privately with the teacher or could be put on screen along with other students or all class works. There would be no paper tests… you would take the test and immediately get an estimate of the grade you might make, since you might have word problems. Once you turn in your test electronically it would go to a special room full of math teachers that would give you your grade back in about five or ten minutes top. Each student would have their own personal math teacher that would actually teach them, while the teacher in the room would give lectures and make rules and enforce them.


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