The Top Ten Reason’s Why Obama Won’t Have Another Term

Please keep in mind as you read this these are my opinions. I do honestly respect President Obama as a person, but I do not like the decisions he has made in office over the last 3 years.

10. In an interview in 2004, future President Obama was asked by a reporter if he would ever run for office. He said, and I quote “I’m a believer of knowing the job you are doing.” I don’t think he was really prepared for his time in office.

9. It’s a fact that Obama smokes, and even if he doesn’t smoke in the White House, the smell of cigarettes sticks to you hair and your clothes. The White House is a place of big historical significance and I think anyone who smokes should be either A) Denied the right to live in the White House or B) Must have quit smoking entirely for a period of no less than 6 months and have medical check ups as much as possible.

8. His “bipartisan” stance. I listen to Obama and all that he says, even though he’s not my choice to have in office… I understand him and his want to work with both parties on either side of the isle but when you really listen to him like I do, there is none if very little bipartisan behavior. He pushes policies that are always leaning toward the left and never in the middle or even right. Go and look for yourself

7. Relief programs like “Cash for Clunkers.” Do I need to say more?

6. His attitude towards other states, especially Texas. An example of this is with the wild fires and extreme drought Texas has experienced this year. When in Texas making a campaign speech, he was asked if he wanted to see the damage from the wild fires. He declined… These fires have taken people homes, their and their lives. It’s part of the Presidents job to protect the people from disasters like the fires in Texas, but since he was oh so busy he had no time for the people of Texas. He has said disrespectful things about governor Perry in a Dallas tv interview about how we ask the federal government for help, but don’t really pay our taxes. That’s ridiculous. Texas is the biggest state in the continental United States, and pays most of the money to the federal government they use in their very successful programs like “Cash for Clunkers”

5. His use of the media in the 2008 elections. Obama was proclaimed a “savior” by many of the top news outlets and was given favoritism because of it. He took advantage of the media in a way that shouldn’t be done. John Edward’s mistress, was an article officially done by The National Enquirer, the same “news company” that just published an article about how Elvis really died of  (see A1 at bottom of page for citation) “chronic constipation.”

4. In my own personal opinion he has gone power mad.

3. Him saying that “Fox New’s is not a new organization.” The President should encourage free speech not try to silence or make people or a group of people look like they are lying or not knowing what they are talking about. It’s a basic freedom.

2. Obama care. The government taking control of any industry isn’t a good idea, and this can be shown by looking at the United States post office. The United State post office is a privately owned company, but used to be a government organization. They were losing a lot of money, and the postal system at one point was close to closing down… they put it to a vote if it should be a open market industry and not run by the government. It passed, of course. This is the way it should be done. Our free market economy creates competition between different business and or individuals which in turn creates better experience in that industry. I believe education should be run this way. It will greatly improve the quality of our education system and bring up the amount of high school students who graduate. You can see my ideas about this in my other blog titled “Education”

1. The nation deficit which is the worst it has been in our nations history.



Accessed June 27, 2011 at 2:42 CST

“At least one prominent story, connected to theElizabeth Smart case, had to be retracted after it was revealed that two informants had fabricated false information.”- about the National Enquirer

Accessed June 27, 2011 at 2:42 CST


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