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I can make your life a living hell

You won’t read this, but I have to put it down


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The Top Ten Reason’s Why Obama Won’t Have Another Term

Please keep in mind as you read this these are my opinions. I do honestly respect President Obama as a person, but I do not like the decisions he has made in office over the last 3 years.

10. In an interview in 2004, future President Obama was asked by a reporter if he would ever run for office. He said, and I quote “I’m a believer of knowing the job you are doing.” I don’t think he was really prepared for his time in office.

9. It’s a fact that Obama smokes, and even if he doesn’t smoke in the White House, the smell of cigarettes sticks to you hair and your clothes. The White House is a place of big historical significance and I think anyone who smokes should be either A) Denied the right to live in the White House or B) Must have quit smoking entirely for a period of no less than 6 months and have medical check ups as much as possible.

8. His “bipartisan” stance. I listen to Obama and all that he says, even though he’s not my choice to have in office… I understand him and his want to work with both parties on either side of the isle but when you really listen to him like I do, there is none if very little bipartisan behavior. He pushes policies that are always leaning toward the left and never in the middle or even right. Go and look for yourself

7. Relief programs like “Cash for Clunkers.” Do I need to say more?

6. His attitude towards other states, especially Texas. An example of this is with the wild fires and extreme drought Texas has experienced this year. When in Texas making a campaign speech, he was asked if he wanted to see the damage from the wild fires. He declined… These fires have taken people homes, their and their lives. It’s part of the Presidents job to protect the people from disasters like the fires in Texas, but since he was oh so busy he had no time for the people of Texas. He has said disrespectful things about governor Perry in a Dallas tv interview about how we ask the federal government for help, but don’t really pay our taxes. That’s ridiculous. Texas is the biggest state in the continental United States, and pays most of the money to the federal government they use in their very successful programs like “Cash for Clunkers”

5. His use of the media in the 2008 elections. Obama was proclaimed a “savior” by many of the top news outlets and was given favoritism because of it. He took advantage of the media in a way that shouldn’t be done. John Edward’s mistress, was an article officially done by The National Enquirer, the same “news company” that just published an article about how Elvis really died of  (see A1 at bottom of page for citation) “chronic constipation.”

4. In my own personal opinion he has gone power mad.

3. Him saying that “Fox New’s is not a new organization.” The President should encourage free speech not try to silence or make people or a group of people look like they are lying or not knowing what they are talking about. It’s a basic freedom.

2. Obama care. The government taking control of any industry isn’t a good idea, and this can be shown by looking at the United States post office. The United State post office is a privately owned company, but used to be a government organization. They were losing a lot of money, and the postal system at one point was close to closing down… they put it to a vote if it should be a open market industry and not run by the government. It passed, of course. This is the way it should be done. Our free market economy creates competition between different business and or individuals which in turn creates better experience in that industry. I believe education should be run this way. It will greatly improve the quality of our education system and bring up the amount of high school students who graduate. You can see my ideas about this in my other blog titled “Education”

1. The nation deficit which is the worst it has been in our nations history.



Accessed June 27, 2011 at 2:42 CST

“At least one prominent story, connected to theElizabeth Smart case, had to be retracted after it was revealed that two informants had fabricated false information.”- about the National Enquirer

Accessed June 27, 2011 at 2:42 CST

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A good education is important as it dictates what your choices are in the future.

I believe as I’m sure most American’s do, that our public school system is failing on our children. According to Askville (a paid answering service that’s put on by the United States rank 18th among 36 industrialized nations. “The top of the heap is South Korea, where 93% of high school students graduate on time compared to the United States were 75% receive their diploma.” It makes a good point, and I believe the only way to boost the number of high school students who receive their diploma is to change several things. One is, I believe education should not be run by the government. I think the very best way to provide education is have it be part of our capitalist economic system. Then there would be competition among schools and I believe that would boost our education system to where we could be right up along side, or maybe even ahead of South Korea.


My idea goes along with this concept. I want to build a hands on, technology driven, really do everything for success type of school. I love history, and one day I hope to be a history teacher, but I don’t like the thought of teaching in a public school, mainly because I believe we could be doing better as a society. Below is a small outline of how it would work; starting with my favorite…history.


History (US, State, and World)- To teach someone history, you can’t toss them a book and have able to understand it and I mean really grip the concept in one week. I believe that this area of learning could be made so much more fun and really be able to raise grades and basic understanding of why we do the things we do…but we need to change how we look at and how we teach history. First things first, yes books will be needed but instead of a old paper book, why not use something like a iPad that can bring the story to life more…with color illustrations, videos, and a built in vocabulary quizzes, etc. Also I think that every 2 months the classes should go somewhere…mostly by a nice bus with A/C and chairs that go back for napping. I also think this bus should be separated into two parts, one side for girls and one side for boys…it would really cut on distractions.

Places they could go visit include, Washington DC, San Antonio (the Alamo), Gettysburg  and more. Reenactments of battles would be terrific…and maybe even have them live in town that is in the period of time they are learning about…with actors and actresses, just for several days. Anniversaries of significant events could be automatically sent to their cell phone by text… With what happened on the day, who was involved and what year and where it took place.


English- Have “average days” where the teacher would pass out a book, and would have you read it in class and for homework for about 2 weeks depending on the size of the book. Then, at the end of the two weeks before class came back the room would be decorated top to bottom with places described in the book… big LCD screens could add movement… nothing big and nothing distracting… but just enough to be noticed. Maybe like leaves blowing in the wind… or a sunset through the trees. When you enter the room, there would be teachers (really actors prepared by the teachers) that would act as the characters… this atmosphere would go on for about a month or two then a test would be given. There would be an iPad option for books, but paper would be strongly encouraged.


Math- I’ve always had a hard time with math it was my worst subject in school. Sometimes the concept is just hard to grasp so I think the best way to get around this and help build a better understanding is through technology, which is an aspect through the school but even more so in the math department. When you walk into the math classroom…it would look normal with small separate desks…but when you sit down a cushion in the seat detects your weight and a screen appears on the surface of the desk. It would a be a touch screen that would be written on with a stylus and the information from the screen could be viewed privately with the teacher or could be put on screen along with other students or all class works. There would be no paper tests… you would take the test and immediately get an estimate of the grade you might make, since you might have word problems. Once you turn in your test electronically it would go to a special room full of math teachers that would give you your grade back in about five or ten minutes top. Each student would have their own personal math teacher that would actually teach them, while the teacher in the room would give lectures and make rules and enforce them.

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Osama Bin Laden’s death…

I am shocked and appalled at some peoples reaction to the news of the death of one of our greatest enemies Osama Bin Laden, who say this is probably all just a stunt put on by the White House for Obama’s reelection in 2012. That, I’m sorry to say is very ignorant thinking. We have his DNA from the body, and Osama had 50 (yes fifty) brothers and sisters. Saying that its not his DNA is like saying the leaves on trees aren’t green. It’s a proven fact. Anyway, even if it was all just an stunt put on by the White House, if the American people found out they would be pissed, and the real live Osama bin Laden I bet you would make an announcement to the people of the world saying he isn’t dead… Obama has made some really bad decisions, like the health care bill and many more stupid crap, and watching him he does do something or says something dumb on a day to day basis but I know the man is smart enough to not lie to the American people on anything, especially something this big, since it would ruin the United States and pull us apart as a country and completely destroy his chance for reelection in 2012.

Think before you respond, in type, or in speech.

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email to apple

Over the course of many years I have downloaded countless movies, tv shows and music. For some reason, most of them are not on my computer… I’m sure if you go back in your records and look I have made hundreds if not thousands of purchases, contributing to your monopoly with downloaded media. My songs, movies, and tv shows should be readily available to me when need be. For instance, I know I have purchased Glenn Beck’s audiobook Broke, it’s not on my machine, so I go and find it on iTunes, press buy hoping to get a “You have already downloaded this. Would you like to download it again?” Nothing. I am NOT going to buy movies, tv shows or music twice. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and if y’all don’t get your act together legal action will be taken. I consider this stealing.

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What is love?

You see it everywhere… in the mall, when you go out to eat, and even in school. Love  is everywhere no matter where you go. But, if you stop and think about it, what is love? Is it just that frog in your throat and butterflies in your stomach, or  is it  being physically attracted to someone or something more? For me, true love means wanting to be with that person till the very end, and cherishing every word they say. It’s a deep feeling of caring for their wellbeing and ultimate happiness. In this modern day world of cell phones, iPods and computers love is kinda of…. how do I put this… faked and used a lot. Yes, saying “I love you” over the phone or over a video call with someone is great but just think about it…how much more does it really mean if you are with that person, you wrap them in your arms and whisper “I love you, darling” in their ear?

I have to admit and I really don’t think most guys would admit this on the internet but I am a very sensitive and loving guy and to be completely honest, I love being in love. I have had people say to me that I fall in love to easily and that maybe true but I think that’s just cause I see the good in people, like how kind, sweet and smart they are. One thing that really upsets me is how shallow some people are. It’s just…not right. Look into the person heart instead of what you see on the outside. Yes, how someone looks on the outside is important, but how they love, their thoughts and ideas are even more important because you know that stuff defines them as a person.

With me, to be honest I fall the quiet and sweet girls the most. The ones who are open to their emotions and who aren’t so conceited with how they and everybody else around them looks. When I was in high school I never dated anyone, they were all to shallow or just to much in their own little world. In all my four years of high school, truthfully, there was only one girl that I liked and wanted to be with. She was a year older than me, went to my church, was involved in helping kids with special needs and was the sweetest, smartest girl I have ever met. I used to sit with her at lunch everyday and if she ever needed anything I would almost never say no to her. As goofy as this sounds she probably changed my life, and I really cared about her. Since she was a year older than me, my junior year was her senior year and so she wasn’t there my senior year of high school.

Anyway, if you feel you are in love, this is what I’m saying…look into your heart and think about it. Do you care for the person? Would you be there for him or her if they needed you, and what can you do for them to show them how you feel? Don’t step over the line, buying lunches for girls is a nice idea guys, or taking them out for something they like to do. Never let a fear of the unknown hold you back from something you feel so deeply towards.

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Fun day today

I had a great time today. I went downtown, walked around a little, sat and that capital building in the cafe and eat lunch. I had a club sandwich. It was yum! Maybe I can go downtown again, tomorrow? It all depends on if my mom will take me. I think having me just down in the area of downtown is a distraction to her…but whatever.

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