9/11 conspirators justice

So I was just watching the news and the US attorney general came on and was talking about how we are going to put the 9/11 conspirators to justice, you know the ones in whatever the name of that place is in Cuba. I think that’s it’s good we are putting these people to justice so all the pain and suffering we felt that September day can be healed a little. It’s been almost ten years and we still have no justice for the thousands of victims in NYC, the Pentagon and flight 93 which went down in an PN field. In my heart I believe that the men and women on flight 93 saved our capital building and maybe several hundred if not thousands, lives.
If we want justice for these people, I believe there is only one judge they need to see, and when he gives his verdict I know they will go straight down into the firey pits of hell. That’s the punishment they deserve


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Genealogy Researcher Available

Have you ever wondered where you fit into

history? History is important, and to know your place in it

brings a wider understanding of who you are as

a person and how you fit into society.

My name is John Geiger, I live in Austin, Texas and I love doing genealogical

research. I have been working on my family tree since February of 2010,

and in that time period I have created a family tree of about 4,000 people.

I have found information that one of my ancestors probably knew George Washington before the American Revolution and I have some information that ties me to people like Mark Twain, Laura Bush, and even Davy Crockett.

For a price that will be discussed when and if you contact me, I will be more than happy to do research on your family history, this includes:


1. Where your family came from

2. A number of people which will be made when we make the deal

3. You’re oldest ancestors

4. Famous relatives

5. Pictures

6. Stories

7. Digital records

8. family tree

9. Maps

10. How they are related to you


If you are interested, please contact me, John Geiger either by email which is the best way at: jngsmspace@yahoo.com


or by phone at (512) 335-9499





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My Presidential acceptance speech :)


It is my general belief as is most other intellectuals, that history is a cycle. The wheels on your car or truck turn around touching the ground and keeping you on a straight path, hopefully unwavering, till you reach your final destination. But, where is our destination? Is it a future full of hope and prosperity, or is it one of harder, more trying times? This is a question you the American people have asked me, by electing me to become your president and I feel in my heart that this decision is up to us.

We have all heard of the greatest generation, this era of time of course being around World War 2, but I believe that every generation, our parents, ours, and our children’s are all the greatest generation, and the reason I believe this so deeply is we the American people have been through some hard times, and yes one was the great depression and the wars that followed, but another, was the invention of computers, and man walking on the moon.

We the people of the United States have been through so much, 2 world wars, several wars in-between, and a devastating terror attack in the late summer of 2001. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to stand up and abolish the political bands that connect them, if not to a country, then to their party affiliation. Why would you break from your political party and others who think and believe what you do? The answer is simple; for the good of our republic, and for the good of our children and their children.

In short, as I stand before you your new president, I am honored that I have been chosen to lead this great country of ours. Let’s stand up, roll up our sleeves and get to back to work and make this country a place our founding fathers would be proud of. Thank you, may god bless you all, and may god continue to bless America.


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Egypt, Libya, and now Syria?

Libya. Obama says to the public about how we are not there to help the rebels, but to put an end to crimes against the Libyan people. I don’t believe this, and neither should you. I mean, come on look at the public outcry to help these people free themselves from a tyrannical leader who has killed countless men, women and children. The Libyan people are just following our lead and what we did 230 years ago…really there isn’t much of a difference. Yes, I hear you mumbling “it’s so different” but think to yourself for a minute, how different is it? In 1776 we were fighting against a tyrant who were killing our people and terrorizing us. One of my favorite lines in all literature is, “A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” We the people of these United States need to stand by our principles and not run off when things get hard or when another part of humanity needs us. The Libyan people need us, and who knows one day we may need them. Let’s stand by our principles and help these desperate people in need of a better tomorrow. May god bless us all, and may god continue to bless America.

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Oh the memories….

So when I was younger I went to this YMCA summer camp thing. We would go out about every week and go someplace outdoorsy. Well, I remember on one trip everyone decided to sleep outside of the tents one night, and when we were about to go to bed I sprayed a whole bunch of bug spray on me. All the other boys were kinda teasing me about using so much bug spray, and I just thought to myself “Oh, you’re saying that now. You won’t think that in the morning.” Well, through the night I guess the other boys were bit over and over by bugs, so many times that when they woke up they had blood all over them. I didn’t 🙂

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Kinda nervous.

I have decided to try out for that new Fox show called The X Factor. I have to be honest, I’m kinda nervous. It’s the first time I have tried out for something like this. It’s in May, on the 25th and the 26th. I know it’s more than a month but I feel like I should have a song ready and I can’t decide what song I should do. It’s like the song is one of the most important things I can choose! I have put it to a vote but now that I think about it I don’t really like any of the choices I have picked, I could choose something else but like I said I don’t know what to pick. Simon Cowell is on this show and I’m scared he’ll rip me to pieces when I open my mouth… I’m gonna do it still though because when I’m older I want to know I tried. What do you think I should do? I noticed when watching American Idol the other day some of the contests at least the ones I heard aren’t that good. I mean, I sound better than some of them to be honest and I’m saying that cause I have heard myself and I do compare. I really hope I don’t sound conceited because I’m not and if I was I wouldn’t be talking about how nervous I am to sing. *looks around nervously* Wish me luck everyone!

**UPDATE: June 27,2011: I didn’t get to Dallas to try out. I maybe auditioning for American Idol in August.**

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So kinda a dumb post but….whatever

I’m sitting here on the couch just thinking about everything, the world and all the problems in it and it just brings me to another thought, and a deep one at that. Go ahead and laugh at me, but why are we here? What purpose do we humans serve? Do we even have a purpose, or are we just some giant experiment? Is the meaning of life really 42? (if you get that high five!)

Me personally I think we do have a purpose and a pretty good one at that. I feel it is our duty as the most intelligent creatures on the planet to protect the other creatures who can’t protect themselves…for example…lets say a dolphin is sick and dying I believe that we were put here on this earth for that purpose that one reason to stop all the evil in the world in other wise, help the dolphin. Maybe I’m just being neive, but that’s my belief. Don’t like it? Deal with it.

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